3 benefits of evening Yoga!

3 benefits of evening Yoga!

“Evening Yoga is bliss!”

How many of you have skipped yoga sessions because of morning blues?

It gets difficult to wake up early in the morning, especially after a tiresome day. But who said you can’t practice yoga if you are not an early riser?

Yes, we know, a lot of people must have told you that morning yoga is the best. That probably must have forced you to practice it either in the morning or not practice it at all. But let us bust a myth right now-
‘Evening yoga sessions are absolutely fine!’

So, if you can’t beat your alarm clock at dawn, you certainly can beat your fatigue at dusk and indulge into a replenishing yoga session!

Here are 3 amazing benefits of evening yoga!

1. Overcome fatigue
Yoga is the ultimate stress buster, we’re sure you know about that.
But, did you know that evening yoga can help you overcome fatigue and make you feel energetic?
You can then complete a lot of tasks before chowtime, where usually you’d just drag your way to hit the sack.

2. Sleep like a baby
Evening yoga acts like a lullaby. It helps you sleep without any physical or mental stress.
Also, it improves the quality of your sleep – something that most of us lack due to urbane lifestyles.
Evening yoga and sleep, oh what a blessing!

3. Feel amazing
Evening yoga makes you feel amazing on a mental, physical and emotional plane.
Of course, the exercise part keeps your body fit. But did you know that good sleep helps you stay mentally fit, focused and stable?
Yoga rewires your entire system, so when you feel good physically and mentally, you are able to maintain a positive frame of mind. This helps you become emotionally stable.

We hope this gave you adequate reasons to start off your evening yoga sessions. Morning or evening, doesn’t matter. Just hit the yoga mat and things will get better.

PS: We’d love to know how your yoga sessions are faring; we’re all ears when you speak!

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