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Be Conscious is a wellness brand launched by Gautam Kapur that provides natural and holistic solutions to multiple health problems.

Urban lifestyle is plagued by stress and various issues like Fatigue, Osteoporosis, Hair loss, Muscle loss, Loss of Libido and Sexual Vitality. Be Conscious products help prevent them by the use of natural nutritional supplementation and foods with high nutrient value.

The venture is a brainchild of Gautam Kapur who firmly believes that people can only be healthy, wealthy and wise when they utilize the opulence of Mother Nature and consume naturally occurring foods, micronutrients, vitamins and supplements. His knowledge is reflected in his unrivalled passion to bring about a traditional revolution by encouraging people to consume high nutrient foods.

We must ‘learn to learn’ the dynamics of fitness he says.

Be Conscious provides a variety of nutritious foods that include mixed seeds, organic munchies, cereals, flour, honey, rice, power-packed varieties of Quinoa and herbal anti-ageing supplements.

Product Benefits!

Be Conscious, Be Healthy

Charity Be Conscious

Maintain Hormonal Balance

Green Energy Be Conscious

Lost Energy & Vitality

Scale Be Conscious

Weight Management

Renewable Energy Be Conscious

Regain Youthfulness

Ruler Be Conscious

Correct pH Balance

Running Be Conscious

Delay The Effects Of Aging, Fatigue & Diabetes.