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Hi, I am Anamika, I have been taking BE CONSCIOUS Supplements “Belly off” and Amino acids “Xtreme” for 2 months now. I have lost 1 and a half kgs weight and there has been a remarkable difference in my energy levels. And there is now a boost in my energy.

Rajendra Munyal.

I bought a few products with you, hoping to get healthy results. I must confess that the product qualities have given me a very pleasant surprise. The pulses are unbelievable; they cook quickly, while still retaining their nutrients & taste so nice. The honey and cold pressed oil is magic to me, the oil gets […]


Staying in Dubai. Due to the water quality here in the Gulf region, coupled with a stressful lifestyle, I have started losing hair at a very early age. The few options available to everyone to prevent hair fall are a good diet and regular oil massages. Anti hair fall serums, high on chemicals are not […]