Red Quinoa (500 gm)

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Be Conscious Red Quinoa is a complete protein pseudo-grain that contains 9 amino acids. It has a high percentage of nutrients making it an ideal food to have on a regular basis. People looking out for a vegetarian alternative to protein can consume Red Quinoa.


  • Magnesium rich
  • Calcium rich
  • Protein rich
  • Iron rich
  • Rich in Vitamin E and B-2
  • Gluten free
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Quinoa, a superfood which houses a host of health benefits is available in several colours. Red quinoa looks rich and is nutritionally superior to several grains.

Be Conscious Red Quinoa is full of energy, nutrition and health benefits. It has a delicate, slightly earthy flavour and crunchy texture. Once cooked, it develops a crunchy texture and the grains don’t stick together.

Red Quinoa is a rich source of complete protein and contains all essential amino acids. It is especially great for vegans and vegetarians, who struggle to find a protein source. It is free from gluten and is suitable for people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

Add taste to your diet with Red Quinoa helps in regulating blood sugar levels while the lysine in it helps in the repair of tissues and cells.

It also has a high content of vitamin B and fibre which delays gastric emptying and helps keep you feeling fuller. It reduces hunger pangs and helps in weight management.

Red Quinoa superfood can provide you with 10% of the daily requirement of iron and help prevent anaemia.

It is low in fat and contains only unsaturated fats and fibre which help keep cholesterol in control along with maintaining cardiac health. Magnesium also helps improve your heart health.

Several antioxidants present in this food protects skin from damage. Healthy fats help prevent dry skin and maintains skin’s texture.

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