Black Quinoa (250 gm)


Be Conscious Black Quinoa is an amazing, tasty, versatile grain and a good source of protein and iron. Organic Black Quinoa has an earthy, robust flavor. Slightly firmer in texture than both Red and White Quinoa, Black Quinoa pairs well with bolder-flavored foods and is an excellent complement to other grains. It can be cooked on its own, added to soups and salads, used to make pasta, or baked to create a crunchy and flavorful snack food or topping.

Be Conscious Black Quinoa is sweeter than other varieties but retains all the goodness of the quinoa family. It is gluten-free and can be cooked very easily. Black Quinoa will certainly bring something different to the table, specifically with the sweetish taste.


  • Protein rich
  • Fibre-rich
  • Iron-rich
  • Contains 10 Amino acids


You have definitely heard of quinoa being crowned as a superfood. But, did you know it comes in different colours too, providing you with a wide range of nutrients and health benefits, apart from just a change in its colour. One such variant of quinoa is Black Quinoa. Black quinoa is one of the elite members of superfoods. It is high in nutrition & at the same time, gluten-free. It is naturally packed with a high level of fibre and protein.

Be Conscious Black Quinoa is a quick-cooking, soft, fluffy and slightly nutty flavoured seed-like grain. It is naturally dark coloured with the same natural flavour and a powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants.

Beneficial for the growth of the body:

The nutrient content in Be Conscious black quinoa is inclusive of essential amino acids which are helpful in the functioning of the body.

The antioxidant works as a natural detox for the body. It helps in neutralizing free radicals and also has an anti-aging effect on the body.

This superfood has anti-inflammatory properties in it, which helps in improving the digestive system, prevents constipation, bloating and regulates the bowel movements of the stomach, and hence, maintains a good gut health.

It has zero cholesterol in it, which prevents the unhealthy fats from sticking to the walls of the arteries, making it a good choice to keep a healthy heart.

It is low in fat content with antioxidants and high iron content in it. Also, being a rich source of fibre, it can support your appetite by preventing binge eating and satiating your hunger pangs. It makes a perfect food for people who are into weight loss programs.


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