Buckwheat flour – 5 benefits of daily consumption!

Buckwheat flour - 5 benefits of daily consumption!

Health conscious peeps, welcome your new buddy – Buckwheat flour!

You must have avoided various kinds of flours citing numerous health reasons. But, has your love for flour based delicacies faded? We know that would have been tough, and here’s a solution to your flour stricken diet!

Be Conscious Buckwheat flour is a perfect alternative for any kind of flour and we recommend you go for it without a second thought.

You must be wondering, what’s so special about it?

Well, here are 5 benefits you ought to know about this super flour!


  1. Improves digestion

Buckwheat flour is rich in fibres and helps you improve your digestion. This can certainly be a perfect alternative for Maida, which totally disrupts your digestive process.


  1. Digestible Protein Rich

You must have heard that protein rich foods are not digestion friendly. Well, that’s partially true. But, this flour breaks that notion. This super food is rich in digestible protein! What does that mean?

Simply that you can get your daily protein dose without troubling your stomach!


  1. Gluten free

When you say flour, they yell gluten. But when you say Buckwheat flour, their voices are silenced. Why wouldn’t they? After all, there’s no gluten in this super food! If you are gluten conscious, you know what to add in your diet immediately!


  1. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

This super food contains the phytonutrient Rutin, a that fights bad cholesterol. Therefore, if you want to keep cholesterol levels in check, you ought to include Buckwheat flour in your daily diet.


  1. Healthier Bone structure

Apart from the multiple nutritional benefits, Buckwheat flour also helps you have a healthier bone structure. The magnesium in this super food is extremely good for your bone health.

Hence, you need to ensure that you have this in your diet, without fail!

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