3 seeds to include in your daily diet!

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Sow the seeds of good health with healthy seeds by Be Conscious!


We all believe seeds are useless, don’t we?

We get annoyed when we get it in our food. Haven’t you wished for seedless fruits? We’re sure a lot of you must have!

Eventually, seeds are the source of all foods that exist.

But, did you know, seeds can themselves be foods as well?

It’s true that most seeds are not consumable, but that doesn’t mean that none of the seeds can be eaten. There are few seed varieties that are not just edible but are also healthy and delicious!

Here are 3 seeds that will work wonders for your health, in a yummy way of course!


  1. Chia seeds

There are multiple ways to consume Chia seeds. The best and most beneficial way is to eat it raw after soaking them overnight. You can add it to any of your delicacies and reap its health benefits. It improves digestion, boosts energy and promotes bone health.


  1. Sunflower seeds

Soak them overnight and have them first up in the morning. You can use these healthy seeds for making your shakes and smoothies tastier and nutrient rich. Sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin B and E and also improve your skin health.


  1. Flax seeds

No need to soak these healthy seeds! Just grab a handful and consume them when you want. You can also add it to any food preparation, including curries and shakes. Flax seeds give you healthy skin, better digestion and a good amount of antioxidants.


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Buy these natural and healthy seeds from Be Conscious and let us know how those smoothies taste after adding them!


You got to Be Healthy.

You got to Be Conscious!

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